Statement of Intent

In order to start the political engagement process the project team produced a Moray Growth Deal Summary document, also known as a Statement of Intent to summarise the evolving programme of work around the deal.

The document includes; the issues specific to Moray that we are attempting to address, the vision for the future of Moray, a high level description of the type of projects that may be in the final programme, and the governance arrangements.

This initial document was created in August 2017. As negotiations with Scottish and UK Governments progress we will have more certainty regarding the content of the deal and be able to update this document accordingly.

Executive Summary

Our vision for regional economic growth is captured in the phrase:

“Moray – Innovation from Tradition.”

This reflects our recognition of the value of tradition and heritage in Moray as the source and inspiration for innovation.


Executive Summary

A key objective which underpins the deal is that the area is seen as particularly attractive for young professionals and families, providing opportunities for them to pursue challenging and rewarding careers whilst enjoying the benefits of an exceptional environment in which to live, work and relax. In common with other areas of the Highlands and Islands, our age demographic is imbalanced, with a higher percentage of residents over 60 than the Scottish average and a “missing generation” in the 16-29 age group.

The second key objective of the deal is to address occupational segregation and gender imbalance across the working population, issues which appear to have some basis in cultural expectations inherent in many industries prevalent in Moray such as manufacturing, construction and agriculture. In this area Moray displays the most significant gender disparity in the Highlands and Islands, with the extent of the gender gap in full time and part time working being substantially wider than both the regional and national average.

“By the year 2030 Moray is a destination of choice, the area being known and recognised as an outward facing and ambitious community with a thriving and well connected commercial base and an environment in which quality of life is valued and supported.”

Executive Summary

The Growth Deal framework is the culmination of extensive analysis and engagement across the public and private sectors over the past year including preparation of an economic baseline position from which to measure progress, identification of the key economic deficits and enablers for the Moray economy and development at high level of a programme of transformational projects which we believe will together deliver sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Moray.

The Statement of Intent document sets out the programme of work proposed at a high level on the basis that, as business cases are developed and the results of our ongoing public engagement on the strategy are considered, the shape of the deal will evolve and the projects within it will be distilled and refined, but by focussing on the shared vision, the spirit of the programme will remain constant.

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