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Westminster Visit


Moray’s Growth Deal team was in Whitehall on 24th April 2019 as part of the political engagement campaign for the Growth Deal. Following a number of meetings during the day, with MPs and Cabinet Ministers, a reception was held at Dover House, hosted by the Secretary of State for Scotland (Rt Hon David Mundell).

Major figures from Moray’s business, military and civic arenas were in attendance to demonstrate their support for the best possible Growth Deal in front of UK Government politicians and senior advisers.

During the event the Secretary of State for Scotland indicated that a quantum announcement is expected in June (before summer recess), which will quantify the amount of financial backing from each government (UK and Scottish). This announcement will signify the start of the final phase of discussions before the heads of terms is agreed.


Since the previous update we have been in discussion with government officials and policy advisors to strengthen our business cases and clarify the objectives. In order to enable agile discussions with officials from both governments a negotiation team has been established comprising of representatives from; Moray Council, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, the Business Assembly, and the community. We also commissioned a high-level economic analysis for the programme from independent specialists which demonstrated significant benefits from most of the projects and will assist the negotiation team in prioritising projects ahead of final negotiations.

Progress since last update

  • Negotiation team established
  • Economic analysis undertaken
  • Initial meetings with government officials regarding funding required

Targets for next stage

  • Negotiation team to be updated on process
  • Quantum announcement
  • Heads of terms discussions to establish projects to be included

Key risks

Resources – there remains a risk that we continue to expend resource on business cases which ultimately may not attract government support or funding.

Risk mitigation

In order to mitigate this risk, the programme board have adopted a pragmatic approach to further development of business cases until we are in formal negotiations with both governments. 

Recent highlights

Secretary of State for Scotland (Rt Hon David Mundell MP) hosted a Moray Growth Deal reception at Dover House, Whitehall.

Key contacts

Programme Board

Rhona Gunn (SRO)

Moray Council

Jim Grant

Moray Council

Gary Templeton

Moray Council

Donna Chisholm

Highlands & Islands Enterprise

Andrew Stanley

Highlands & Islands Enterprise

Stephen Sheridan

Skills Development Scotland

David Patterson

Moray College, UHI

Fraser Grieve

Scottish Council for Development & Industry

Alan James

Developing Young Workforce

Sarah Holmes

Moray Business Women

Project Manager

Dave Moreton, Moray Council


SOC/Strategic Outline Case – In simple terms the first stage of the business case for a project, where options are explored by relevant experts.

Scottish Futures Trust – infrastructure delivery company owned by Scottish Government who have advised and assisted with previous City/Region growth deals.

Stakeholder – anyone with an interest in the programme of work; in this case includes: the public, local businesses, councillors, MP/MSPs etc.

Heads of Terms – the agreement in principle to develop detailed business cases for agreed projects.

Statement of Intent – document explaining the issues, progress and proposed solutions.

Business Assembly – a small group made up of members of local business community to champion the Moray Growth Deal and ensure that it is sensitive to the needs of business.

Quantum – total amount of funding provided by the governments.

Negotiation Team – a small group made up of representatives from Moray Council, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, the Business Assembly, and the community, to enable discussions with government to be conducted swiftly.


If you have any questions or comments then please contact the Project Manager or email the Moray Council PMO at

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