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People living in Moray are being asked to participate in a survey to help the development of the Moray Growth Deal bid.

Over the next few months residents will hear more about this bid. A video has been created featuring people from across the area talking about their visions and aspirations for the region, and several public events are planned so people can ask questions about it.

To be a success there needs to be wide understanding and support for the Moray Growth Deal bid. All feedback from the public will be analysed and reflected in a subsequent report to Moray Council, and ultimately into further discussions with Scottish and UK Governments later this year.

John Cowe, Chair of Moray Economic Partnership and who features in the video, described the bid as a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity.

“If we succeed this Growth Fund Deal will make tangible improvements and create a Moray that is everything we want it to be,” he said.

“That means more jobs, higher wages, a fairer society, better roads, better digital connectivity, better cultural offerings – above all a vibrant and ambitious community.

“We have launched the My Moray campaign to encourage people to get behind the Growth Deal and really think about what they want their Moray of the future to be. I would urge as many people as possible to complete the survey and make their voices heard.”

The Moray Growth Deal is a regional deal designed to boost economic growth across Moray. It is a long-term plan centred around specific projects designed to transform the economy, address concerns around encouraging young people to live and work in the area and address gender inequality in employment. It brings together Scottish and UK governments, Moray Council, partners from across the public and third sectors and private businesses. Each of these partners will be investing in a better future for Moray.

The overall vision for the Moray Growth Deal has been summarised as Innovation from tradition. It is felt that this characterises Moray throughout its history, with the continued dominance of the whisky industry arguably being the best example of this.

John Cowe added:

“By 2030 the vision for Moray is to be known and recognised as an outward facing and ambitious community, a thriving and well connected commercial base, an environment in which quality of life is valued and supported and a destination of choice.

“There is a lot to be excited about.”

The survey can be completed here.

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